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Manthri.lk found that 66 MPs (at minimum) in the 9th Parliament has family connections in public office, encompassing 28% of the total MPs. A person in public office is defined as having been elected at a national or provincial election. These connections, through birth or marriage, span immediate family (parents, siblings, spouses and children), grandparents, first cousins and their immediate family. 

Among them, 36 MPs are 2nd generation MPs; where someone in either of the two preceding generations (e.g.: parent/ grandparent) was an MP. Out of which, 7 MPs are 3rd generation MPs; where someone in both preceding generations were MPs. 4 pairs of father-son duos are present in the current 9th Parliament. 

16 MPs are nephews/nieces of past/current MPs. 10 MPs are siblings of past/current MPs. The current parliament also sees 4 MPs who have been spouses of a former MP. 

5 MPs have a former chief minister as immediate family. 6 have a former member of a provincial council as immediate family. 

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