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The process of reforming the Sri Lankan electoral system was due to begin on 28 January 2015 (MaithriMeter.lk). However no progress has been formally made. Many believe that the implementation of a new electoral system cannot be accommodated within a 100-day manifesto. However, others such as Prof. Rohan Samarajiva and Dr. Sujatha Gamage believe that if the present window is not utilised, the opportunity, and more importantly the political will, will be lost. 


Irrespective of differences as to whether electoral reform should occur or not, Prof. Samarajiva and Dr. Gamage have been the principal catalysts in ensuring that the important electoral reform debate gets started. In doing so, they have provided a snapshot of various simulations of past general elections (2000-2010) based on four alternative electoral system configurations, one based on the New Zealand system, the other three based on recommendations put forward by a parliamentary select committee headed by Hon. Dinesh Gunawardena MP. 


See the pdf below or click here for the downloadable excel sheet of the electoral system models. 


For an indepth explanation of each simulation click here


Do you find any of these alternative systems compelling, if so which? Or do you feel that we shouldn't meddle with the system? Does electoral reform warrant an extension to the 100 day mandate?


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